Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Bad Rabbit Studio is an independent team of two film-makers working throughout Southern Africa. Passionate about telling the stories that matter, our small, collaborative team approaches each project with care and integrity, with the honour of the people and landscape informing our practice. We specialise in conservation and social impact storytelling through film, photography and writing.


Buck O’Donoghue is an award-winning Zimbabwean documentary filmmaker and a photojournalist. He is the founder and creative director of Bad Rabbit Studio. Buck is passionate about championing the African continent’s wild and rural landscapes and its custodians, seeking to bring to the fore the relationships between people, wildlife and place.  Buck is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Joanna Craig is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a writer. She is the producer and writer at Bad Rabbit Studio. Jo’s work, which is inspired by the relationships between people, wildlife and landscape, and how each informs the other, is focused on conservation and social impact storytelling. Jo is based in Harare Zimbabwe.