About Us

Bad Rabbit Studio is a media production company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We offer professional videography, photography and post production editing tailored to suit our individual clients’ needs.

Established in 2014, Buck O’Donoghue imagined a space in which he could explore possibilities, places and the stories of those that inspired him. From this idea and the yearning for something more, something meaningful, Bad Rabbit Studio was created. It has blossomed from a simple thought to a passionate life style.

Join us on this journey….

Our Team

Buck O'Donoghue

Founder and Director of Bad Rabbit Studio, Buck O'Donoghue is a filmmaker and photographer who has worked throughout Southern Africa and Asia on a number of different projects ranging from promotional material to expedition filmmaking. 

Joanna Craig

As the Writer and Producer at Bad Rabbit Studio, Joanna Craig has worked on a range of projects within Southern Africa giving voice to the region's wild places and the personalities that make this continent so endearing.



A few of our clients