What people say about us

Bad Rabbit Studio provided us with a 1st class service. They’re easy to work with and produce what their clients want, mixing in their innovative and personal touches. I highly recommend Bad Rabbit Studio.

Sean Webster Red Dane Farming

I have worked with Buck O’Donoghue on a number of projects, often in extremely difficult field conditions. His dedication and professionalism has been outstanding. The finished film work is always unique and of the highest quality.

Larry Norton Larry Norton Gallery

Creativity is key to success

Albert Einstein, the clever dude with crazy hair, who figured out E = mc2 and subsequently shook up the world, said that “Creativity is intelligence having fun". Well, Mr Einstein, we concur. Intelligent creativity is what motivates Bad Rabbit Studio and sets it apart. We are young, fun and very enthusiastic about pushing the envelope to deliver the best and most unique product possible.

We are imaginative, unafraid to explore and driven by creativity.