Bad Rabbit Studio is defined by unique, innovative and quality videos. Whether it be a wedding, corporate event or a remote expedition in a challenging environment, the creation of each film is led by the nature of each specific experience, recapturing integral moments in time to tell an original story.

Using professional sound and camera equipment, we are able to cater to individual clients’ distinct wishes. However big or small your dream, get in touch with us.

Sausage tree Camp - Zambia

Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery

Patrick Mavros Jewelry - The Pangolin Collection

Nyanga - Mountains, Mist and Memories

Evicted - Ndoita Sei (Official Music Video)

Mountains and Rivers

Zimbabwe Bank - Fun Day

Viva Vilankulos

The Art Roundabout

Sky Run Zimbabwe

Highlands House

Red Dane Farming


Zimbabwe Top Companies Survey 2015

NetOne - One Fusion

ZB Financial Holdings