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Resolution revolution

Resolution revolution: putting it out there and getting it done.

By this time, many of our resolutions will have fallen by the wayside. That’s normal. A study published in 2007 by the University of Bristol found that 88% of people fail to keep their resolutions. So, how does one actually keep a resolution?

I am a firm believer in making as many people as possible aware of my intended changes so that they can give me the raised eyebrow when I am meandering from the path I’ve set forth. I have to then continue on the straight an narrow or else I will have told a little fib to all those who listened (and I can’t be doing that). Therefore, this is me broadcasting (perhaps to just my Mum and girlfriend) that I, Buck O’Donoghue of Bad Rabbit Studios will in 2016 have two resolutions to adhere to.

Firstly, I will make a concerted effort to remember names. I have a terrible habit of not really focusing when someone is introduced to me – literally 10 seconds after I have met someone I have no idea what their name is. I’m good at remembering faces, but I can never remember names and it often puts me in awkward situations. I will be chatting away to someone that I have met on numerous occasions but simply cannot remember their name, so I have to resort to using names like ‘dude’ and just hope that someone else comes along and mentions their name. Failing that as a last resort I will introduce them to someone nearby in the hope that the forgotten name is revealed:


Buck – “Dude have you met Keegan?”

Dude – “No I haven’t hey”

(Keegan enters conversation)

Keegan – “Howzit man, I’m Keegan”

Dude – “Nice to meet you Keegan, I’m Campbell”

Buck (subconsciously thinking) – “Ah thats it!” 

Buck – “So Campbell how is work going?” 


I really do want to get better at remembering names!

Secondly (and this is a big one), I will have twenty four Chasing Smiles videos up on my Youtube channel by the end of 2016. Oh boy. I’ve said it. Now I have to do it. That is two doses of light-heartedness every month for the whole year. Boom. And now to put the Law of Attraction to work…

Imagine. Explore. Create.

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