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My socks have been blown off.

Seriously, my socks have been knocked off! I cannot believe the overwhelming support on social media for my welcome to Bad Rabbit Studio video. Eyes on stalks, could be another descriptive idiom to describe my surprise as I had to do a double take this morning with the most recent viewing count at 9.7k, 317 likes, 208 shares and counting! I am well and truly knocked for six, clean out of my socks with eyes on stalks.

I have watched with joy as my video has reached the muddiest of islands, the hottest of sands, far-flung, desolate towns and big-bustling cities. Although I will grant myself with some mad editing skills, in truth it is the intrinsic warmth and beauty of Zimbabwe and its inhabitants that have spread such a glow. It has been incredible to trace the widespread community of Zimbabweans respond to images of ‘home’. With people reaching out from England, New Zealand, Australia, America, South Africa, India, France, Thailand and Ethiopia to name a few, it is clear that Zim, its people, places and animals have something special about it. I am just the lucky guy who got to tell everyone about it.

It has been sobering to appreciate the distances a video can travel and the sheer number of people it is possible to reach. I am only too aware of how images can be a powerful tool to captivate imagination and inspire feeling. As a videographer and producer, I have a responsibility to represent a story with integrity and honesty. While there is much wrong with Zimbabwe and many sad truths that need to be told, it is necessary to tell the truths of beauty and kindness as well. There is so much goodness in Zimbabwe, you don’t even have to look that hard to find it.

Thank you all for your support in spreading a positive message about Zimbabwe. To quote the ever optimistic drum and bass band Rudamental,

“You know I said it’s true
I can feel the love
Can you feel it too
I can feel it ah-ah
I can feel it ah-ah”.

Go Well.


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