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Likoma Island, Malawi

Far from the Malawian shores which lay claim to it, Likoma Island is isolated, vulnerable but oh so beautiful. The azure blue waters that surround the island are coloured by flashes of electric blue, deep purple and mustard yellow fishes. Stoic baobabs dot the island in their hundreds as do the enormous mangos, dripping in fruit and in equal numbers. Fisherman dry their catches from white sandy beaches while woman and children dive into the softly lapping waves to cool off before continuing with the daily washing. It could be paradise.

Almost all goods, bar fish and mangoes, are brought in by the Ilala Ferry or on one of the smaller boats that service the Nkata Bay – Likoma crossing. Even in this modern age, servicing the island is a logistical challenge. I can’t begin to imagine the impossibilities faced in 1886 by Johnson and Maples, the missionaries who decided upon Likoma as the region’s Anglican Church headquarters. Bricks, timber, lime, cement, stained glass windows and even a little soil from Jerusalem all had to be carried over land and then shipped to the island to build St Peter’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is not to be missed, one of the biggest on the continent and steeped in history it gives the island a very unique charm.

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