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Smile for Michal Langton


Smile for Michal Langton

– Assistant teacher for Silver Linings Trust Zimbabwe and volunteer and pastoral support for Red Frogs Support Network Zimbabwe

“Hope is an internal reality. It does not depend on your external circumstances. The environment I work within and the people I work with have been instrumental in developing this perspective. I believe those with the most hope have the biggest influence and those who carry the most hope have the biggest impact. It’s so important to have hope in an environment of hardship or challenge. When you see the potential within a person, the gold that is inside them and you start treating them as such, pushing them to reach their potential then suddenly the ceilings lift off and they begin to realise what they’re truly capable of. Small victories are huge evidence of hope.”

Michal Langton returned to Zimbabwe two years ago after completing college in the USA. She is hopeful for the future of Zimbabwe and can’t see herself living anywhere else.
Silver Linings Trust operates a special needs support system in Harare, Zimbabwe. The trust aims to provide support and hope to families of and special needs individuals themselves. The overall objective is to promote individuality and independence all the while encouraging social integration.
Red Frogs Zimbabwe aims to ‘safeguard a generation’ by providing a positive presence within the youth party culture. Red Frogs is a global movement of peer-mentorship and positive role modelling.

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