Chasing Smiles

Smile for E’Pap Zimbabwe

Smile for E’Pap Zimbabwe

“I used to feel very weak. I couldn’t move. My feet were very, very stiff. I couldn’t lift my hands. I had shivers all over my body. After eating e’Pap, my health and strength began to improve slowly. I finally find my self strong. I can even lift 40kgs now, with no problem.” – Nassio Gore (pictured below) is an employee and consumer of E’Pap.

We chose to feature e’Pap on the #ChasingSmilesChallenge for a number of reasons. Firstly, Jo has been volunteering at a project for over two years that uses e’Pap to feed hundreds of children each day and has seen first hand what a difference this meal can make. Secondly, invented by Dr Basil Kransdorff, a Zimbabwean, the product repents local ingenuity and creative problem solving. e’Pap is specially formulated to improve and optimise immune system functioning and overall strength; it has literally saved lives with its cost effective solution to malnutrition. Lastly, e’Pap Zimbabwe, operate the e’Pap Nutrition Bus, a project set up to feed school children in the Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. The Nutrition Bus aims to provide food for school children in vulnerable, drought affected areas. For $6, one child can be fed for a month – including all logistics and administrative support. This also includes collecting academic and health indicators to monitor the progress of each child once they are benefiting from good nutrition. The Nutrition Bus are seeking funding from individuals and corporates to support the project. They also offer twinning for Schools and Communities.

e’Pap Technologies deliver the missing micronutrients in a whole food by addressing ‘hidden hunger’ and restoring ‘nutrient repleteness’ so that both brain and body can perform optimally. ePap believe in sustainable development through creating nutrient replete communities. Their goal is to reduce poverty by helping to create physiologically functional human beings that can better take responsibility for their own health and poverty challenges, therefore addressing poverty and unnecessary suffering.

e’Pap is used across the African continent where up to 2 million food portions a month are consumed. It is used in many programs from HIV support to crèche and school feeding and company wellness programs.

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