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Smile for Miracle Missions Trust

Smile for Miracle Missions Trust

“Everything we do is to try and get people to feel responsible and act – otherwise the country is never going to change. If there is dependency or we wait for someone else to pick up the rubbish, without anyone taking ownership of our problems, nothing will change. We bring people together and encourage people to do what they can do as communities and people of Zimbabwe. ” – Jacqueline Anderson, trustee at Miracle Missions Trust
“The little that we have we extend our hand to the needy. Although it may seem small, it can make a big change and uplift whole families.” – Molly Machiha, operation manager of Life for Hope.

The primary function of Miracle Missions Trust is nation building by bring people together as a proactive community. The group seek to achieve this by facilitating networking meetings, creating relationships and co-ordinating efforts to solve critical community needs. Miracle Missions Trust focuses on the critical needs of waste management, addressing the needs of prisons inclusive with community development, disabled persons, senior citizens and vulnerable children within Zimbabwe. Life for Hope is a project geared towards orphaned children and aims to instil hope, value and strength within the children.

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