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Smile for Flying for Wildlife

Smile for Flying For Wildlife
“The aircraft is not just used for one organisation but many. The aircrafts themselves are not expensive to buy (about the same as a Land Cruiser) and are cheap to run. This means bang for your buck if you are a potential donor. What we get done in a day in the sky would take a week, if not more to do on the ground.” Richard Tennant – Trustee and Pilot for Flying for Wildlife

The main objective of the Flying for Wildlife Trust is to provide Zimbabwe National Parks Wildlife Management Authority and other stakeholders with regular aerial surveillance and monitoring over wildlife areas and national parks at no cost. The activities of the Trust are extremely valuable to conservation efforts and are made possible by kind donations of fuel, accommodation and logistics from all those involved and of course the good will of the pilots and aircraft owners. The Trust is an entirely non-profit organisation and currently utilises privately owned ultralight aircraft for the express purpose of providing free-of-charge aerial assistance and support to conservation organisations working on the ground. Such flights enable conservation partners to quickly and efficiently understand environmental issues and determine the factors needed to promote effective solutions.
Since its inception in August 2015, Flying For Wildlife pilots have flown with National Parks officers, Matusadona Anti Poaching Project – MAPP, African Lion & Environmental Research Trust , Environmental Research Trust, Dande Anti Poaching Unit, The Zambezi Society, Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe – National and the Bumi Hills Anti Poaching Unit (BHAPU) over various areas in the Zambezi Valley. Considering the tremendous conservation benefits of having eyes in the sky, the trust aims to acquire 3 Savannah ultralights to be used for wildlife and environmental conservation efforts.

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