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Smile for Simba Arts Trust-SAT Mbare, Zimbabwe


Smile for Simba Arts Trust-SAT Mbare, Zimbabwe


“We do not need to benefit out of it, but we do have to uplift other people. Life is very tough in Zimbabwe. There are many experiencing poverty as there is a very high percentage of unemployment and its growing. We need to do something about it. Not as one person but as united brothers and sisters. As a nation and as a world, we need to help each other. That is what I can say.” – Tendai Fulukia the Projects Director of Simba Arts.

Through Simba Arts Trust, youths foster a deep connection with performing arts in their own lives, and gain the tools to be able to express their culture, struggles, and triumphs through performing arts. The hope is that youths will come away from the Simba Arts Trust project seeing performing Arts as a way to uplift themselves as well as the community.

Simba Arts touches on dance, music, spoken word, literary arts, paintings, soccer and many others initiatives to help young people find and create jobs out of performing art as well as ensuring art contributes to economic development.

Simba Arts has been invited to the Bergen Afro Arts Festival in Norway later this year as well as the International Dance Festival Op Roakeldais in Warffum, Netherlands. They are currently running a funding campaign to get there. You can follow their journey via their website or Facebook page.

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