Chasing Smiles

Smile for the Clown ‘doctor’

Smile for the Clown ‘doctor’
“Zim’s kids have so little but yet are so responsive to the slightest positivity. If you show just a little care or create the smallest chance to be enthused, or happy, or give them the opportunity to reciprocate generosity, they do so instantly. It is humbling. These kids and their generosity of spirit are exemplary to us as the adults of Zimbabwe.” Caroline Sole – the brains behind Clown ‘doctor’.

Laughter is one of the best, most effective medicines out there. We visited the Harare Children’s Hospital with Spunky the clown, Caroline Sole and Sharon Van Der Nest. Within a few minuets of Spunky’s antics, the wards were filled with peels of laughter and bright, smiling faces. Children were jumping up and down on their beds, signalling Spunky through the glass windows to please come to their dormitory next. It didn’t cost much at all – a few balloons, suckers, penny cools and one adult willing to embrace his inner child and silliness – to fill a child’s day with happiness. Throughout this challenge we have seen how a little can go a long way and how a simple, positive approach can create a continuous ripple of good vibes. The children in the Harare Children’s Hospital so brilliantly reminded us that there is always reason to smile. Always.
A big thank you from Bad Rabbit Studio to Caroline and Sharon for doing all that you do.

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