Chasing Smiles

Smile for Harare HSPCA

Smile for Harare HSPCA
“I’ve always had animals and I’ve always enjoyed them but this is hard. There aren’t many people doing it, so I do.” – Jane Chambers, volunteer and HSPCA super star!

In the photograph, Jane Chambers reaches out to Jesse – a dog surrendered to SPCA in a pitiful condition. Jesse is slowly gaining strength under the careful care and love of the HSPCA team. Jesse will be re-homed if she makes a full recovery.
HSPCA, an entirely non-profit organisation rely on support from the public and corporates for funds to keep the Association running. Their primary role is to provide care for all animals in and around Harare and at the same time to prevent ill treatment and cruelty to animals and birds. HSPCA endeavour to educate Harare’s citizens in regard to the humane treatment and care of animals and birds.

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