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Smile for the The Michael Project

Smile for the The Michael Project

“It is one of the fundamentals of society to be in community. We don’t want 1.7 million children – those are the official stats for orphans in Zimbabwe – not being part of a family. Being in a family is one of those rights that have fallen away. So we help to address that and walk families through the process of adoption or fostering a child.” – Diana Musungwa of the Michael Project.

The Michael Project cares for orphaned and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe in a number of ways. Firstly, the project provides quality pre-school education and care in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, Greystone Park and Wingate for those who cannot access the private school system. The Shalom Children’s Home in Harare, provides a safe, nurturing space for 17 orphaned children to grow within and to experience what it is be part of a family. Thirdly, Michael Project advocates for adoption and foster care by educating, encouraging and helping prospective foster and adoptive families along the way.
From left – Sira Ngandu, Diana Musungwa and Simba Pfupenja, staff members of the Michael Project.

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