Chasing Smiles

Smile for Larry Norton

Smile for Larry Norton

– Wildlife Artist

“It was nothing short of a privilege to observe the artist at work. As the week bore on and the harshness of the conditions continued, I began to realise what a remarkable achievement it is for a man to have successfully carved out such a life. Larry’s passion is his true art form; he paints because he must. It is rare to find someone who has the guts to chase their dreams, and do so regardless of how seemly impossible the aim or how unconventional the lifestyle. I think that is one of the markers of a genius – belief, purpose and dogged persistence.” – Bad Rabbit Studio Blog, 2 December 2015.

Gonarezhou Trip

Larry Norton is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist based in Victoria Falls. Two years ago Larry encouraged me to pursue my creative aspirations and gave me the opportunity to film my first expedition – thank you! I know he has inspired and encouraged many young creatives to follow their passions.

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