Wedding Photography

Bruce and Kim

On the 3rd of June 2017, Kim and Bruce’s marriage brought generations of Fussell’s and Rohm’s to a sand bank in Chirundu. Like the warm winds that blew in, so too did the grannies, grandads, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and of course all the friends from all corners of Zimbabwe and Zambia. When family and friends, separated by boarders and years, come together on the banks of the Zambezi River to celebrate a wedding, you can be assured two things: firstly, there will be a lot ‘howzit’s’, ‘how’s so and so’, ‘what did you get per hectare?’ ‘no-ways’ and ‘really hey?’ –  and secondly, there will be one heck of party. And it was – one heck of a party! 
Bruce and Kim, thanks for choosing Bad Rabbit Studio to capture your day. We hope your hearts will be warmed for a long time to come of the memories from that one day in Chirundu…..






Photographer: Buck O’Donoghue

2nd shooter: Chelsea Wilson

Edit: Buck O’Donoghue

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