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Bad Rabbit Studio’s top photographers and videographers to follow


In no particular order…

Phillip White
I have no words. Click on his site, watch one his films and you will understand. This man makes films of weddings, not wedding films. His process is so much more than documenting a wedding day; it is a carefully curated, specifically crafted experience. Phillip White, your wedding videos inspire us like no other.


Bryn North
Instagram: @bryn_north
Film editors looking for inspiration, look no further. Zimbabwean born and raised, Bryn is currently based in Cape Town. An absolute wizard with matching movement to sound, Bryn’s short films are rich for inspiration and editing tips. A mate of mine and a fellow Zimbo, it has been a privilege to watch Bryn evolve into the successful and continually growing artist he is today.

Jimmy Chin
Instagram: @jimmy_chinn
When I grow up, I want to be like Jimmy. Long time adventurer, incredible photographer, intrepid documentary filmmaker and a member of the The North Face Athlete Team for the last 14 years, Jimmy is at the top of his game. Look no further for living proof that the paid-to-adventure dream is possible.

Check out the trailer to Jimmy’s latest feature length documentary film ‘Meru’.

Sven Kristian
Instagram: @svenkristianphoto
I recently had the privilege of working with Sven in Gonarezhou National Park. Watching this man work was like having Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets opened to me. Sven’s knowledge, professionalism and pure craftsmanship is on a whole other level. A master of high fashion photography, Sven can teach you a thing or two about how to take a photograph and control light.

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Kai Wong
Instagram: @digitalrev
Kai’s sense of humour can be a little crass and dry, but Digital Rev Tv provides honest and savvy reviews of photography and videography equipment like none other. If you are looking to invest in your kit and want to evaluate pro’s and con’s, you can guarantee Kai will let you know whether it is worth dropping the cash on that pricey piece or not.


Jacki Bruniquel

Jacki is in my opinion one of the very best wedding photographers and could hold her own with absolutely anyone out there. Based in Durban, South Africa Jacki’s strengths as a photographer lie in her deliberate framing and ability to playfully capture moments that other photographers might not even notice. If wedding photography is your thing, then Jacki is one to follow.

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor_ %22Winter is dead.”


Dan the Director

Instagram: @danthedirector
Dan the Director is just that, a director. And a damn good one at that. By recognising those most talented around him, Dan Mace pulls the best creatives together to produce some truly magical moments in film. Optimism and life-loving are high on Dan’s list of requirements. His channel is a great one to follow for South African stories of positivity and creativity.

One of my favourite shorts is ‘Gift’ – a fantastic short film where sound, movement, imagery and strong storytelling come together to make a seriously compelling film.

Charlene Scheuder
Instagram: @ohchazza
Veteran wedding photographer and all-round wonderful person, Charlene is both a friend and an inspiration. Having worked with Charlene on two separate projects, I can attest to her infectious laugh as well as her cool, accomplished photographic style. Charlene delivers a softness and genuine romanticism in her wedding images that are rare to come by.

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Steve McCurry
Instagram: @stevemccurryoffical
Perhaps one of the most sought after and respected documentary photographers alive today, Steve McCurry is the one to follow if you are even remotely serious about photography. Bold, daring, evocative, McCurry and his adventurous deep-grit character shows what it takes to make it as the best.

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